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MRANTI Road-to-Commercialisation Pre-Bootcamp #1
Jun 26, 2024 9:00 AM
Jun 28, 2024 5:00 PM
Training Room 1, Resource Centre, MRANTI Park KL
Admission is Free


The R2C Pre-Bootcamps are 3-day sessions aimed at solidifying ideas, creating value propositions and defining business models for technologies, products or services to build capabilities to access markets supported by AI tools and utilisation.

High potential teams will be selected for the 3-day R2C (Road-toCommercialisation) Bootcamp followed by 3 months of coaching to develop their Minimum Viable Products to be eligible for testing, funding or commercialisation support.


Individuals or teams at a minimum of Technology Readiness Level 2:

  • Basic principles observed
  • Technology concept formulated
  • The first idea of innovation/venture conceptualised
  • Problem-solution fit established


  • Understand the technology & innovation commercialisation process.
  • Gain insights into national challenges and focus areas to create greater value.
  • Review and solidify ideas & technologies in areas of customer needs, value proposition, competitive landscape market size and business models supported by AI tools and utilisation.
  • Develop your first technology commercialisation plan.
  • Learn pitch techniques.


Funnelling of selected ideas/PoCs to be developed into Minimum Viable Products at the R2C Bootcamp for further facilitation for commercialisation at the sandboxes, funds or facilities.

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