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5G For Business Open Day
Aug 29, 2022 10:00 AM
Aug 29, 2022 4:30 PM
Resource Centre, MRANTI Park
Admission is Free

5G is the upcoming mobile wireless technology that has the potential to revolutionize societies and economies, to be able to adapt to our ever changing fast paced lifestyle. The pandemic has led to people choosing digital alternatives to physical transactions and meetings. This change was already underway, but the pandemic has accelerated it. There’s no going back now that 5G is here.

However, the applications of 5G are still very limited and this is why we gather the key players and partners for 5G to share on its latest updates and developments.

Come and join us during the 5G for Business open day, one of the programs under Minggu Sains Negara by MOSTI, so you can learn and gain first hand insights on 5G's latest plans with our key players. Drop by our MRANTI building and get in touch with our partners for this event, telcos and solution providers! Get your solutions tested during this open day.

5G experts including telcos and 5G Solution providers will be discussing 5G latest plans, used cases and many more during our Live Seminar and Panel Discussion sessions. Showcase booths by our telcos are also available on this day to let people experience and get in touch with the 5G ecosystem!

Save the date and come to our 5G for Business Open day at Resource Centre, MRANTI. Register today and understand how 5G is relevant to your business operations. We will be livestreaming our talking sessions too so don't miss out! Register now!

Outcome of this event

  • To provide understanding to businesses on 5G and its impact on their operations.
  • To provide understanding on MRANTI’s roles on 5G (testing, prototyping)
  • To provide a platform to discuss on matters on 5G be it from a industrial, research or gov perspective
  • To give insights on 5G industrial application through physical showcase / demo and virtual presentations.

Who is this for?

  • Businesses
  • Private Sector
  • Academias
  • Government
  • Corporates
  • Civil Society (Business Associations, Representatives, NGOs etc)


10:00 AM- Registrations

10:30 AM - The impact of 5G in Accelerating Tech & Innovation by MRANTI

11:00 AM - DNB role in increasing adoption of 5G amongst businesses and introducing test cases in:

Session 1 - Agriculture (30 mins)

Session 2 - Entertainment (30 mins)

Session 3 - Sea Ports (30 mins)

12.30 PM - Lunch Break

1.30 PM- Adoption of 5G use cases by industry:

Session 3 - Healthcare (30 mins)

Session 4 - Manufacturing (30 mins)

2.30 PM - 5G spectrum mythbusters and how they are relevant to businesses by Ericsson

3:30 PM - Have you joined the 5G Revolution? by GSMA

4:00 PM - Connecting the future with the power of 5G by TM One

4:30PM - End of Livestreaming

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