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Test Your POCs at MRANTI 5G Experience Centre

September 27, 2023
Muhundhan Kamarapullai, Chief Digital Officer
5 mins read

Imagine having a dedicated mini city where you can test your proof of concepts (POCs) and witness their potential unfold in real-world scenarios. 

In our previous article, we introduced two amazing companies who have been testing their products at the MRANTI 5GXC - SCUTTLE Robotics and Qmed Asia. 

Since the engagement with the center and testing their products, Dr Nor Azmi Alias, Co-Founder and CEO of SCUTTLE Robotics said remarkable opportunities have emerged that were beyond their expectations.

“It has opened new opportunities we had never anticipated with SCUTTLE Robotics platform. It creates a new stream of business opportunities to collaborate with 5G technology providers and sophisticated users that require the 5G capability in their operation,” said Dr. Nor Azmi.

He further emphasised that the center has significantly bolstered his company's expansion. A tangible testament to this lies in the collaboration with APulsar Technologies. 

APulsar Technologies accelerate Industry 4.0 and Clean Energy adoption of their customers by providing reliable and data intelligence digital solutions that are competitive for customers.

“Together, we have crafted an innovative prototype – a sophisticated concierge or receptionist robot infused with advanced AI and ChatGPT features. This remarkable creation stands ready to greet visitors as they step into prominent establishments like MRANTI and DaMen Mall of the Pavilion Group, promising a seamless and memorable experience from the very first moment.” he added.

Knowledge Amplified

In the digital age, knowledge translates into power. With MRANTI's 5GXC, access to 5G applied knowledge becomes a game-changer.

Dr Kev Lim, Founder and CEO of Qmed Asia said access to the centre has significantly boosted his comprehension and application of 5G technologies. 

Amidst this living laboratory, Dr. Lim attests to witnessing 5G in real time – a dance of high-speed connectivity and minimal latency. Yet, it's not just observation; it's hands-on exploration. 

“Through hands-on testing and development, we have gained valuable insights into how to effectively incorporate these 5G features into our Doc2Qiosk solution. We have also understood how to overcome potential challenges associated with the deployment of 5G technologies in the field, such as managing network resources, ensuring signal stability, and maintaining data privacy and security,” he added.

Collaboration Unleashed - Paving the Path for Innovation

According to Dr. Lim, in addition to enhancing his knowledge MRANTI's 5GXC has also been a catalyst for Qmed Asia to unfurl new horizons and foster transformative partnerships. 

“The first key advantage of our engagement with MRANTI's 5G Experience Centre has been the forging of a potential partnership with a prominent hospital group. This group, recognising the potential of our innovative Doc2Qiosk solution, is currently in dialogue with us about the prospect of rolling out our solution to the market together. 

“The second notable benefit stemming from our involvement with 5GXC is the interest shown by a construction conglomerate. They are considering the integration of our Doc2Qiosk into their property business as part of a pilot program. This opportunity is particularly exciting as it represents a potential foray into a new market segment for us.”

“By incorporating our telehealth booths into residential and commercial properties, we could establish a precedent for other real estate companies and stimulate the wider adoption of our advanced healthcare solutions,” he added.

These unfolding collaborations underscore the pivotal role of MRANTI's 5GXC in bridging technology pioneers, healthcare trailblazers, and diverse sectors, fostering an environment where innovations thrive and partnerships flourish.

Join the innovation revolution at MRANTI 5GXC and unleash the full potential of your POCs. By testing your ideas in a 5G-powered environment with cutting-edge infrastructure and collaboration opportunities, you can accelerate your journey from concept to commercialisation. Whether you're a startup, an established enterprise, or a visionary entrepreneur, MRANTI welcomes you to be a part of this transformative journey.