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Tech Innovation Reaches New Heights Through Malaysia’s NTIS Programme

April 3, 2023
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The National Technology &Innovation Sandbox Programme offers unparalleled opportunities for researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to drive innovation forward. With its streamlined approach, taking innovative concepts from ideation through commercialisation has never been easier.

The National Technology & Innovation Sandbox (NTIS)programme has been a resounding success since its launch in August 2020. In just one year since applications started being processed in July of last year,NTIS received over 600 complete applications and approved 169 for a total funding commitment of RM79.2 million.

Additionally, 10 national sandboxes have been launched across Malaysia, and 50 strong partnerships formed with Innovation AccelerationNetwork (IAN) partners – a fantastic accomplishment from this government-led initiative towards elevating Malaysian tech innovation. 

Furthermore, 27 innovative businesses have recently completed projects in their sandbox sites, with six advancing to commercialisation stages, some of which received financial backing from MTDC and others supported by IAN collaboration. 

NTIS is a dynamic platform that helps boost innovation inMalaysia. It enables the rakyat to experience a higher quality of life. Through its plethora of advanced testbeds,NTIS provides a comprehensive platform for researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop groundbreaking ideas and bring them to the commercial market with greater ease. 

Moreover, the platform’s services and solutions adoption capabilities act as a powerful accelerator, rapidly introducing new innovations into the local market and supporting their growth. By making innovative technologies more readily accessible, NTIS enables a brighter future for all entrepreneurs and Malaysians in general. 

It also aims to raise awareness amongst potential investors, industry players, ecosystem builders and community partners such as venture capital firms, startup accelerators, corporate entities and small businesses.

The NTIS platform provides comprehensive resources to help them understand the opportunities available and how they can best benefit from the expansion of Malaysia’s tech landscape. With the NTIS at their side, these actors will be prepared to join Malaysia on its journey to become a global hub for technological innovation.

Facts & Figures: NTISReport Card

• 631 Complete Applications Received

• 29 Cohorts 

• 169 Approved Applications 

• 43 Regulatory Cases Facilitated with 18 MinistriesCollaborations 

• 50 Innovation Acceleration Network Partners 

• RM79.2 Million Funding Approved

Among the companies that have excelled

The NTIS has proven to be a vital tool for fostering economic growth. Below are five companies that have particularly excelled with great strides in the industry thanks to this platform. Each company has found remarkable success and adapted strategies to move its businesses forward. These companies stand out as prime examples of businesses with the vision to compete effectively in a digital economy. By utilising resources provided by the NTIS platform, these enterprises have devised future-focused approaches that continue to benefit them long-term. 

MSD Innovations Sdn Bhd

MSD Innovation is powering the future with cutting-edgeInternet of Things (IoT) solutions. Its first big success story was developing an efficient Smart Farming solution to drive indoor and outdoor farming projects with precision. Through the use of innovation and assistance of theNTIS programme, MSD has seen massive economic gains in terms of job creation, sales, projections for future growth, and investments. So it’s easy to see why this dynamic company has investors lining up - their RM1.5 million investment led directly to fifteen new jobs and total sales of an impressive RM2.5million, projected for even more growth in 2023! 

3 Little Fish Sdn Bhd

Step into the fascinating world of aquaculture with 3Little Fish (3LF), and discover pioneering solutions for success. 3 Little Fish is pushing boundaries to provide sustainable solutions for healthy aquatic ecosystems in Malaysia, Indonesia, and beyond. Through its NTIS programme, 3LF has achieved incredible milestones - crafting 1,000 units of the BP2 device, verifying market strategies and deploying three proposed sites to ensure customer ecosystem success. It has also created two moulds with four inserts to create eight sets of tubes with different diameters. With this breakthrough technology at your fingertips, you can confidently guarantee animal health while maximising farm production efficiency – dive in today with 3LF’s sustainable aquatic solutions.

Ikhlas Jati Sdn Bhd

Ikhlas Jati is revolutionising the way energy is harvested. Their patented Senslar product has created a more intelligent and efficient system for capturing renewable solar energy. The platform smartly moves in alignment with the sun’s position to maximise its efficiency while using underutilised lakes - delivering over 30% improvement compared to traditional systems. Through the NTIS programme, the company achieved incredible milestones, successfully completing the 25kW pilot project at UNITENLake Bangi that was later applied to real-time use. These accomplishments have opened up sales and investment opportunities, leading to the commercial scale-up in collaboration with local partners. The icing on the cake is aTripartite NDA between Cypark Resources and UNITEN R&D – which could open doors for even more significant potential. 

Alphaswift Sdn Bhd

Alphaswift is pushing boundaries and revolutionising the future of transportation. Offering air taxis, faster package delivery by drones and infinite freedom soaring in open skies - these achievements have been reached thanks to Malaysia’s NTIS programme. With over 400 flight hours logged,11,000 km travelled & Concept of Operations approved by CAAM; this cutting-edge innovation isn’t stopping there! The potential growth for medical pharmacy delivery goes beyond urban parcel deliveries – making sky the limit with advancements from Alphaswift!

Wise AI Sdn Bhd

Wise AI is an award-winning EKYC enabler adopted by governments, central banks, financial institutions, telcos and fintech companies to prevent deepfake in facial recognition and identity fraud. ThroughNTIS, Wise AI has achieved a significant milestone in preventing fraudulent identities from various types of malicious cyberattacks, such as still images, videos or face masks – verified independently by third parties! With the most user-friendly verification methods around - they are leading the charge against digital security threats worldwide.

Numerous other NTIS companies have achieved remarkable success and significant milestones, each leaving a profound impact on their respective industries and reaping substantial benefits from this national initiative.

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