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Minimising Costs for Maximum Impact: TIPM’s Green Tech Vision

June 5, 2024
A. Hadie Zakaria, Chief Operations Officer
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – At the centre of Malaysia's vibrant tech scene, Technology Innovation Park Malaysia (TIPM), also known as MRANTI, is transforming the industry with cost-effective, high-impact sustainability initiatives. Leading this charge is A. Hadie Zakaria, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of TIPM, whose vision is to create a sustainable ecosystem that fosters innovation while minimising environmental impact.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

TIPM is setting a precedent by incorporating energy-efficient practices and renewable energy into its operations. Solar panels, a cornerstone of Operations Division initiative, power the tech park with clean energy, reducing reliance on non-renewable sources and lowering costs. Partnerships with giants like Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) further bolster these efforts, ensuring reliable power, advanced cooling systems, and seamless renewable energy integration.

A notable collaboration with TNB, through the TNB Green Lane Supply & Strategic Offerings for Data Centre, launched last year, has significantly enhanced TIPM Park’s infrastructure. This partnership provides not only reliable power and advanced cooling but also fiber connectivity and renewable energy integration, strengthening its data centre capabilities.

EV Charging Solutions

TIPM introduced EV charging solutions, operational since September 2022. The initiative has seen a 45% increase in EV usage, reflecting the cost-effectiveness and appeal of green alternatives. These efforts are complemented by smart street lighting and enhanced energy capacities, setting a green standard across tech parks and communities, with full implementation starting in 2023. The vision extends beyond reducing energy consumption to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. This ambitious goal necessitates a multi-faceted approach, focusing on cost-effective strategies that maximise environmental benefits.

From Waste Reduction to Biodiversity Conservation

Waste reduction is another critical aspect of TIPM's strategy. Committed to becoming Malaysia's first carbon-neutral innovation park by 2035, the company is implementing eco-friendly practices to minimise office and park waste, water usage, and greenhouse gas emissions. Hadie prioritises preserving the park's natural environment, aiming for renewable energy sources to constitute over 35% of its energy mix by 2030. This ambitious target is supported by dedicated funding and a strong collaboration between the Operations and Strategy Divisions, as well as partnerships with major players both within Malaysia and internationally. This ensures that technological advancements harmonise seamlessly with environmental responsibility.

Challenges and Strategic Solutions

The path to sustainability requires addressing cost concerns and keeping pace with rapid technological advancements. As the COO of TIPM, he takes an optimistic, solution-focused approach, optimising resources through strategic planning and promoting eco-conscious behaviours through public awareness campaigns. Embracing technological evolution creates opportunities for further innovation, allowing tech parks to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate sustainable solutions.

Inspiring a Greener Tomorrow

Hadie’s leadership, along with TIPM's collaborative spirit, serves as a beacon of hope for a greener future. Their initiatives inspire positive changes across industries, influencing stakeholders, investors, and policymakers. TIPM’s story underscores the power of innovation, collective responsibility, and resilience in building a sustainable future for tech parks and beyond, all while focusing on minimising costs and maximising environmental impact.