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Located across 686 Acres in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur is our MRANTI Park. It serves as an IR4.0 hub and a global centre for technological innovation. We offer our residence commercialisation facilitation and a centre of excellence for the innovation ecosystem. With unrivaled integrated infrastructure, focused interventions and partnership services and programmes to support 4IR technologies, we are calling for all communities of researchers and innovators to elevate their ideas and take it to the next level.

MRANTI Park Offerings

  • Programmes & Interventions

  • Integrated Infrastructure and State-of-The-Art Facalitites

  • Partnerships and Global Network

  • Ip Commercialisation Platform

From Ideation to Commercialisation

MRANTI Park physical facilities and field experts for prototyping, testing, scaling and showcasing innovations. The Integrated Infrastructure and Advanced Facilities is focused on promoting commercialisation from “grassroots to market” and complements MRANTI’s development programmes in enabling the commercialisation process

Technology Clusters

With innovations transforming every sector of the nation’s economy, MRANTI is designed to play a critical developmental role in each technology cluster and strives to create a sustainable technology ecosystem. We offer shared services facilities for our innovators to leverage and enhance business continuity.

Smart Manufacturing
Smart City
Green Tech
Enabling Cluster

Within our MRANTI Park is an iconic 300-acre land area known as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Park, designated to accelerate the adoption of AI in Malaysia. We envision this park to spearhead the development of AI solutions in computer vision, speech recognition, natural language and human/robotics. Ultimately, our AI Park park will play a vital role in our nation’s AI growth by developing technology and talent, data management, high potential R&D and a commercial ecosystem.

Sustainable Urban Farming Incubation Facility
Biotech Incubation Hub
Autonomous Vehicle & Robotics Hub
5G Experience Centre
Focus Area
Playing a Key Role the Nation’s Growth through AI

Drone Area 57

5-Acres Integrated Ecosystem As Research to Commercialisation Centre of Excellence with proposed infrastructure to be establish including

  • 300sqm 18ft-tall netted flying area

  • 100m long 8m wide UAV runaway

  • Mockup site for drone applications

  • UAV Hangar

  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) workshop

  • Clubhouse & Offices

Providing 7 key facilities & services :

  • Research

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Certification

  • Manufacturing

  •  Commercialisation

  • Maintenance

Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

MyAV Living Lab offers 12km testbed accelerating CASE Vehicle Technologies & Innovations in 3 Phases 

  • Phase 1: Urban Area Testing at Jalan Inovasi (3.9km)

  • Phase 2 : Rural Area Testing & Autonomous Parking at Jalan Teknologi (3.7km)

  • Phase 3 : Customisable Highway Area Testing & Night-Driving at Jalan Tekno Usahawan (2.8km) with Control Tower

With 6 projects in the pipeline: 

  • Autonomous Bus Shuttle on retrofitting autonomous kit into existing EV's

  • Autonomous E-Buggies on retrofitting autonomous kit into electric buggies

  • Wireless Charging Station on piloting vehicle-2-infrastructure (V2I) communication for charging EV's

  • Autonomous Electric Bus on integrating into urban transportation system

  • E-Bikes for security patrolling, delivery services, and last mile transportation needs

  • E-Bike Charging Station

4IR Integrated Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

  • Supporting Tech Driven Product Development from Large Scale Rapid Prototyping to Manufacturing

  • Workshops and Labs with 4IR integrated flexible manufacturing system (FMS) to be utilised as shared tested by innovators.


MRANTI Park will be powered by 5G to develop the innovation clusters in the area, 1000 Innovators and technopreneurs are expected to benefit from the 5G facilities to accelerate the development of tech solutions. A 5G Experience Centre will also be ready with a 5G showcase area to experiment the new arising 5G technology through the usage of technologies, tools and facilities.

Drone Area 57

Dolor Et Repellendus

Dolor Et Repellendus

Co-Working Space
Officia Molestiae

Officia Molestiae

Event Space


Co-Working Space


Office Space
Qui Reiciendis

Qui Reiciendis

Co-Working Space


Office Space


Office Space


Office Space
Dolores Iure

Dolores Iure

Office Space

International Innovation Hub (IIH)

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Park is a designated 300 acre of land area in a prime area of Kuala Lumpur which will drive acceleration and adoption of AI in Malaysia.

Phase 1 - Ideation

MRANTI Capacity
Building programmes

Phase 2 - Prototyping


Phase 3 - Testing

Living Labs Autonomous Vehicles (AV) | Drone Tech at Area 57 | 4IR- Integrated Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) | 5G | BioScience Technology (Healthcare & AgriTech)

Phase 4 - Showcasing

Product Gallery

Phase 5 - Scaling Up

TPM Engineering and TPM Nexus


Programmes and Interventions
Integrated Infrastructure and State-of- The-Art Facilities
Partnerships and Global Network
IP Commercialisation
Tech Services
Tech Services
Innovation Centres
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