MRANTI Impact Challenge Accelerator (MICA) 2022

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Supporting and enhancing the adoption of impact-driven solutions in tackling social and environmental challenges. 

Supporting and enhancing the adoption of impact-driven solutions in tackling social and environmental challenges.

The MRANTI Impact Challenge Accelerator (MICA) is a problem-solving challenge that seeks commercially-driven solutions to social and environmental challenges, with winners receiving exclusive access to an Impact-Based Accelerator for a chance to receive tailored financial and non-financial funding from our partners!

how MICA works

Compete, Accelerate & Receive Support - in one platform!

Phase 1
The Impact Challenge

1 month
22 June 2022 -  24 July 2022

Join the challenge & win exclusive access
to Impact Accelerator

Phase 2
An Impact Accelerator

3 months 
22 August 2022 - 18 November 2022

Be involved and learn:
- Scaling Sales and Impact 
- Impact Measurement 
- Investment Readiness  

Phase 3
Post Accelerator Support

6 months
February 2023 - July 2023 

Post Demo Day, stand a chance to
secure funding, coaching, market access
to networks and in-kind support
Programme Timeline

*Dates may be subject to change. Any updates will be relayed to all applicants and/or participants


Choose your challenge.

These problem statements are curated in collaboration with UNICEF.
Winners get a cash prize of RM 10,000 .
These problem statements are curated in collaboration with UNICEF.
Winners get a cash prize of RM 10,000. Choose your preferred problem statement
and submit your application today.

Problem Statement

How can we use education as a platform to develop the youth as the next generation of climate champions and change-makers? 

Brief Overview

Whilst most people are aware of climate change and its detrimental effects on the environment there is limited understanding and awareness of the severity and knock-on effects on health, rise in infectious diseases and disruption to the food supply chain.

Communities such as B40, migrants and refugees, children with disabilities, rural and indigenous tribes are particularly vulnerable to climate change and form high-risk segments of society. Whilst climate risks cannot be eliminated, education is an important platform that can be leveraged to drive change. Children and youth, whether in urban or rural areas are change-makers of the future and can be equipped with tools to drive action in their respective communities and society at large.


Impact-driven solutions to equip the youth with the right knowledge and/or skills on climate change.

Solutions sought are not required to be digital in nature as long as the tools and medium used are innovative and engaging to the target segments.

Who Should Apply

Companies with learning kits, apps, games, materials, green tokens for recycling activities and other education related materials are encouraged.

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Problem Statement

How can we leverage on innovative solutions to strengthen disaster preparedness for vulnerable communities towards building more resilient communities?

Brief Overview

We hear of disasters affecting communities that are living in areas that are exposed to climate related disasters. We have also, as a nation, come together to provide aid and support to communities all over Malaysia who experienced hardship as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns and more recently communities experiencing displacement and economic hardships as a result of floods.

Could we have been better prepared? Are we really aware of where the vulnerable areas are in our surrounding? Do we know which areas are safe for evacuation? 


Technology solutions that can provide better understanding of hazard mapping and early warning mechanisms of impending disasters - whether natural or man-made. Solutions that integrate data and information regarding communities in need.

Who Should Apply

Companies with solutions using Technology for Data Collation and Analysis, Mapping Technology, Drones, AI, IoT, Apps and related solutions are encouraged.

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Problem Statement

How do we educate on nutrition for better access to high quality yet affordable food sources to address malnutrition, specifically for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Brief Overview

Maternal and early childhood nutrition plays a vital role in physical and mental development of children. Malnutrition is a problem that affects communities with limited access to nutritious food, those that live in poverty and low income families.

Limited access to nutritionally dense food sources is assumed to be a problem of poverty but in fact is the result of lack of knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) regarding nutritional needs and food that can provide high quality nutrition.


Innovative and scalable solutions to ascertain nutritional needs, educate on healthy diets and achieve better overall food security for the target segment.

Who Should Apply

Companies with solutions related to sustainable and affordable food production, health and nutrition based data collation and education, digital solutions related to education, nutrition tracking, supply chain efficiencies and related fields are encouraged.

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Exclusive Access.

Winners earn exclusive access to an impact-focused and SDG driven accelerator, created in partnership with Proficeo. 

Stretched across 3 months, winners will join mentorship, workshops and present at Demo Day for network and funding opportunities.

The Impact Accelerator in partnership with Proficeo will be featuring contents on:

Scaling Sales & Impact

Strengthen and realign your
company’s existing business
model to include sustainability
practices and scale your impact

Impact Measurement

Align and incorporate
your organisation's metrics
to include impact measurements

Investment Readiness

Focus on innovation and
commercialisation to
drive pilot project and
fund raising


Financial & Non-Financial Support.

Make it count, it is time to shine! Secure customised support from our partners on MICA Demo Day.

+ Plus RM150,000 worth of support gained in the form of monetary support, coaching and market access etc! Terms & conditions apply. 

Grant/ Investment /Adoption opportunities from problem statement sponsors and partners

Solution Seeker

Access to impact network or opportunities, e.g mentorship, regional programmes, regional network

Solution Seeker

Access to government procurement opportunities with direct assistance

Solution Seeker

We have also curated additional support for you ...

Access to government procurement opportunities with direct assistance to join  Program Perolehan Impak Sosial Kerajaan (PPISK)

Access to  National Technology & Innovation Sandbox that allows researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to test their products and services in a live environment

MRANTI programme invites including:

Opportunity to be funnelled to MyStartupHub (MSH) and/or Global Market-Fit Programme (GMP)

Izwan & Partners legal advice and market validation initiatives:

Up to 5 hours of technical assistance or mentorship with legal experts from Izwan & Partners

Exclusive access to one-to-one legal advice

Potential networking opportunities with investors and clients within Izwan & Partners ecosystem

Potential opportunities for market validation initiatives via rapid feedback from legal experts

And many more...

*Terms & conditions apply to all 3 phases of the programme


We collaborated with these social conscious organisations to curate unique challenges aimed at addressing specific social and environmental concerns

Impact Challenge
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Impact Accelerator
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