Tech Essentials - Blockchain

June 11, 2022 9:00 AM - June 11, 2022 5:00 PM | Virtual | RM 50 (Free for the first 20 registration)

The first MRANTI Tech Essentials is a continuation from last year’s series of MaGIC Tech Talk, as part of the effort to increase public awareness on technology adoption in any kind of innovative solutions. 

The topic will be on Blockchain technology which is one of the technology drivers in MySTIE framework. The session will provide  basic understanding on the Blockchain technology while reinforcing the learning through case studies from the successful technology application. 

This understanding will be the spark  that would enable the participants to incorporate the technology in their innovative ideas or solutions.

From the session 

  • Understanding on the concept, trends and application of Blockchain technology 
  • Get connected with the experts and successful startups in Blockchain
  • Explore on the next steps required to apply the technology with experts 
  • Opportunity to join future programmes by MRANTI as priority will be given to the alumni, but subject to the eligibility 


8.30 AM - 9.00 AM : Virtual Room Opens 

9.00 AM - 9.30 AM : Hello MRANTI & IIBV 

9.30 AM - 11.00 AM : Module 1 : Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology 

11.00 PM - 1.00 PM : Module 2 : Application and Trends in Blockchain 

1.00 PM - 2.00 PM : Break

2.00 PM -4.00 PM : Module 3 : Starting your Blockchain Project 

4.00PM - 5.00 PM : Blockchain application in Medical & Healthcare by Ida Mok, CEO of Spool Labs (Australia) 

5.00 PM - 6.00 PM : Blockchain application in Agriculture 

6:30 PM : END


Module 1 - Fundamentals of Blockchain Technologies 

This session will expose you to the essential concept of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology so that you can understand how these two work together.

Blockchain is a decentralised and transparent distributed ledger that holds transaction data. Each transaction is confirmed by many parties, ensuring that the data is immutable before it is permanently stored in the network.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) (also known as shared ledger technology) is a word used to describe technology that records and distributes data and information in either a public or private network. Because there is no central data storage, it relies on consensus to authenticate every item in the system. We believe that this is a novel approach to record-keeping and management.

Grasp those two will give you a better understanding of the Blockchain access types, which include Cryptocurrency, Hash, Merkle Tree, Ethereum, and Smart Contact.

Module 2 - Application and Trends in Blockchain

This course will introduce you to the worlds of NFT, Decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO), and Decentralized finance (DeFI).

We will also take you on a deep dive to comprehend the Metaverses.

Module 3 - Starting your Blockchain Project

Have you ever considered creating a Web3.0 project? That is why you should attend, particularly for this session in which we will lead you through legal issues, technological considerations, and Web3.0 use case considerations.

We will also assist you in locating the appropriate communities, grants, and investments for your project, as well as locating the appropriate developers or becoming a developer in this field.


Harpreet Singh Maan

Harpreet is the CEO and Co-founder of Blocklime. Armed with his natural inquisitiveness, Harpreet gained diverse experience in software development, information technology, blockchain & distributed ledger technology (DLT) development. He started coding at the age 14 & exploring Blockchain at the age of 19. Eventually, his curiosity and effort led him to become a Blockchain Developer. 

Harpreet envisions a future where DLT is integrated into everyone's daily lives, and he firmly believes that DLT's applicability can be extended beyond financial and asset management. With this vision, he founded Blocklime, a Malaysian-based development & training company, specialising in Blockchain and DLTs. He is also a thought leader focusing on solving problems with DLTs and exploring its potential applications. He currently sits on multiple leadership positions to drive blockchain adoption in Malaysia.

His efforts and accomplishments includes the following:

CTO of Verificer

  • President of ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia
  •  Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
  • Industry Mentor at Digital Counsellor Programme
  • Panel Member on MDEC Digital Expert (DXP) for Blockchain & DLT
  • National committee member on ISO standards for " Blockchain & Electronic Distributed Ledger Technologies"
  • DIGITAL PRODUCTIVITY NEXUS (DPN) Governing Committee Member
  • Member of Technical Committee on Malaysian National Blockchain Roadmap @ MOSTI
  • Ambassador @ Hedera Hashgraph
  • Ambassador @ Hyperledger.
  • Ambassador @ Consensys
  • AWS Startup Scout
  • Alicloud MVP
  • Admin at Bitcoin Malaysia
  • Advisor to multiple Blockchain startups

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