Our Tomorrow

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Our Story

Ideas to Impact

The core of what we do is guided by what we believe. Small ideas can translate to big wins and have immeasurable impacts. Here at MRANTI, we are focused on accelerating growth and nurturing partnerships; to generate impactful research, viable inventions, and ready-to-use technologies.

Our network spans across diverse industries, and our foundation is solidly rooted in technology and innovation. On a mission to bring great ideas to life, we offer and create solutions to the world’s challenges and deliver where they are needed most.


Rising Above

Like the Meranti tree – we stand tall, and we stand strong. From the highest branch to the far-reaching roots of our ecosystem, we support the needs of our community. Each broad leaf works cohesively to form an exciting and promising picture, yet no single tree branch overlaps; one purposefully benefits another.

Great Meranti trees grow tall and higher from tiny seeds, and it signifies our ingenuity and strength as a nation that dreams big and does bigger.

Let us rise above today to uplift our tomorrow.


Driving Force
At MRANTI, we are committed to bridging ideas from conception to completion to propel promising innovations toward success. We provide our community of researchers and innovators with a supportive environment for growth, the right platform to reinforce ideas and the tools for overcoming challenges. We nurture entrepreneurial talents with global mindsets to dream, achieve, and make an impact.

This is what drives us at MRANTI. 

Management Team

Dzuleira Abu Bakar
Dzuleira Abu Bakar
Chief Executive Officer
Khalid Yashaiya
Khalid Yashaiya
Chief Strategy Officer
Safuan Zairi
Safuan Zairi
Chief Ecosystem Development Officer
Syed Zulkifli
Syed Zulkifli
Chief Business Officer
Khairil Anuar Sadat Salleh
Khairil Anuar Sadat Salleh
Chief Land Officer
Rahimi Ramli
Rahimi Ramli
Chief Financial Officer
Muhundhan Kamarapullai
Muhundhan Kamarapullai
Chief Innovation Officer
Fazlyn Kamal
Fazlyn Kamal
Strategic Communication Director
Nazli Hani Saat
Nazli Hani Saat
Legal Affairs Director
Sabrina Mohd Haris Maurice
Sabrina Mohd Haris Maurice
Human Resource Director

The ANTs

Behind MRANTI is a dedicated group of hardworking ANTs. You really can’t spell MRANTI without ANT. Ants personify team work with everyone having their own specialised task but ultimately contributing to a single common goal. Ants aerate the soils, disperse seeds and get rid of pests to help MRANTI grow. MRANTI in return provides a home for the ants.

Our WoW Culture

Win Together
We find passion in collaboration and connecting our stakeholders for the best outcomes
Accelerate Impact
We deliver without compromising quality to maximise the Return of Ideas (ROI) with speed and synergy.
Be the Change
Change starts with us and our pursuit for a better tomorrow, always with a fresh perspective to bring improvements.

Our Community

Our Sites

MRANTI Park in Bukit Jalil
Our Sites MRANTI Park in Bukit Jalil MRANTI Park is an IR4.0 Hub located across 686 Acres in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur supported by TPM Engineering and Nexus that offers commercialisation facilitation.
  • Herbal Product CMO (OEM Services)
  • Product Development and Formulation
  • Analytical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Agrobio Laboratory (Agriculture Biotechnology)
  • Regulatory and Product Registration Services
  • Bio Halal Capacity Building
  • Product Packaging, Design & Printing
MRANTI Engineering
  • Product & Development
  • Prototyping
  • Precision Machining
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Automation & System Integration
  • Engineering Consultancy

Our Place

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